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Anonymous asked : I love you sebastian! oh yea and i'm still gonna kill you one day :)

"You are amusing."

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grellsabloodyreaper asked : -Waves- "helloooo bassy"

"Good evening, Grell."

Anonymous asked : Good afternoon sexy

"Sorry, that is not my name…"

Anonymous asked : "Sebastian, have you ever seen the Undertakers eye's in person?"

"Why yes, yes I have."

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what-did-i-tell-you-sebastian asked : Ciel was furious. He stomped through the Phantomhive manor angrily, searching for his butler. "Sebastian!" he called out the second he saw the demon. "Why is there a cat in my study?!"

The butler blinked and tilted his head, staring at the younger male. “…” Oh, that was quite the twist to today’s event. “What kind of cat?” He asked, leaning towards the Earl with a serious face. “What kind of cat is it, Young Master?”

your-lord-ciel-phantomhives asked : "Sebastian why are you on the internet when you could be doing butler things"

"…To not watch cat videos, I assure you."

      the ρяєтту lies;

               the U G L Y truth.

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Sebastian vs Ash

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